Red Devil SLAMSCRAPER® Impact Tool 160 cm (160 cm)

Red Devil

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The Red Devil® SLAMSCRAPER® Impact Tool is ideal for all types of removal jobs. Whether the operator is a homeowner, DIYer, or professional contractor, this multi-action tool is easy to use and will save time and conserve energy. Use to quickly and easily remove tile, linoleum, carpet, roofing, and other adhesive coverings. The sturdy impact handle creates "hammer and chisel" effect and is ideal for disaster cleanup projects. Also great for removing ice from driveways and sidewalks!

The SLAMSCRAPER® is one of the most adaptable scrapers on the market. It is equipped with multiple blades. Users have the option of using the spring-steel attachment blade or the heavy-duty fixed blade. To extend the life of this tool 2 attachment blades are included with the SLAMSCRAPER®.
The SLAMSCRAPER® is engineered with high-carbon steel that is welded together in one durable piece. It stands 5’ 3” and comes with 2- 6” blades. Its long slender construction makes it easy to complete removal projects that include hard to reach areas like corners and along baseboards.
The SLAMSCRAPER®’s sliding bar gives a hammer/chisel effect that maximizes the operator’s force and creates a greater impact.

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