Shepherd Hardware 1-1/2-Inch Heavy Duty Felt Gard Self-Adhesive Leveling Furniture Pads, 4-Pack

Shepherd Hardware

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The Shepherd Hardware Self-Leveling Pads are ideal for angled leg chairs. The thick foam layer allows for superior surface adherence and grips better than other heavy duty felt pads. Corrects uneven wear of 3/8-inch or less on furniture.

Self-leveling felt pads are ideal for angled leg chairs - thick foam layer allows for superior surface adhesion and corrects uneven wear of 3/8 inch or less on chairs and stools
Heavy Duty felt pads are composed of extra-dense recycled PE blend with an extra hardening process to ensure rigid, long-lasting performance
Easy to install - Simply clean, peel, and stick
Surface preparation is key - Surfaces should be free of dirt & debris and sanded if wooden for maximum performance
1-1/2 inch beige round extra thick 9mm self-leveling felt pads - 4 Pack

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