Shepherd Hardware 1-1/2-Inch Surface Grip Screw On Non Slip Furniture Pads, 4-Pack

Shepherd Hardware

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The Shepherd Hardware Surface Grip Anti-Skid Discs help prevent your furniture from sliding or making noise. These round discs feature a PVC construction to help diminish friction. They can be easily applied with included screws on your wooden chairs, tables and other furniture.

Anti-skid products protect hard surfaces and floors while holding furniture and other items in place for sound and vibration-dampening benefits
Heavy duty pads are vinyl-coated and steel reinforced to be screwed into the underside of furniture
Easy to install into wood using the included screws
Pre-drill pilot holes to avoid splitting wooden legs
Heavy duty 1-1/2 inch black textured round 7mm thick steel reinforced anti-skid pads - 4 Pack

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