Shepherd Hardware 3/8-Inch Clear Surface Gard Self-Adhesive Round Vinyl Pads/Bumpers Prevents Scratching and Sliding (Pack of 16)

Shepherd Hardware

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The Shepherd Hardware 3/8″ Surface Gard Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pads work well under home and office accessories, such as lamps, computer equipment and small appliances. Their self-adhesive bodies stick to hard surfaces in order to prevent scratching and sliding of furniture. They can also be used as bumpers to cushion closures.

Durable and self-adhesive, protects surfaces and appliances in home, kitchen, or office
Great for use with lamps, telephones, cabinets, drawers, cupboards, kitchen products, doors, and much more
Impact resistant to prevent hard surface damage, and sound dampening to reduce noise from slamming
Includes 16 transparent 3/8" round bumpers
Non-marring and non-scratching slide resistant pads for all types of surfaces

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